Saturday 22 February 2014

Designing Plausible Aliens (WIP)

interbreedable hominid = no
eldritch horror = no

chimeras = yes

uplifted animals = yes
genetic engineering = yes

+ bilateral symmetry
+ internal skeleton

. head with brain, mouth, most sensory organs
. 2+ eyes capable of facing forward
. limbs attached to one or more additional segments
. 2+ arms, 2+ legs
. upright posture

. senses: eyes (possible ), ears or antennas, nose or antennas, mouth w/tongue
. mouth: teeth, beak, maybe mandibles
. skin: slimy, smooth/thin, leathery, hair, downy feathers, scales
. locomotion: bipedal, centauroid, part-arboral, amphibious
. head/face: eyestalks, antennas, horns, tusks, crests, etc
. body: armor plates or shell, extra limbs and/or wings, tail

* hearing might be distributed

. interbreedable with creatures evolved on other worlds
. exoskeleton
. tentacle walkers
. fully aquatic


. Tits = possible (some non-mammals also feed secretions to their young)
. Butt = likely if bipedal and tailless

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